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While I was at BlogHer a few weeks ago I met and talked with some reps for RepHresh Brilliant products and I ended up getting a whole biology lesson on the va-jay-jay!  I learned a long time ago that the pH balance of your hair is very important to keeping it healthy looking and that good hair products are formulated to match the pH of your hair.  Baby shampoo is formulated to match the pH of your eyes – that’s why they can say “no more tears” BUT it’s actually not very good for your hair because the pH is so different.

Well I never realized that the same principle holds true downstairs.  Things like menstrual fluids from your period and even semen from sexual intercourse have elevated pH levels that can affect the health and well-being of the va-jay-jay!  A pH of 3.5 to 4.5 in this area is ideal for beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus) and is a hostile environment for pathogenic bacteria that can cause odor, discomfort and other challenges.   However, the pH level of blood is 7.4 and the high pH of menstrual fluids during a woman’s period causes feminine pH to increase beyond the normal range, which can lead to unpleasant odors and bacterial infections.

The great news is that the people at RepHresh Brilliant have come out with a line of products, including the first and only tampon clinically shown to reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period. Traditional tampons simply absorb and retain fluids. Menstrual fluids have an elevated pH and tampons retain these fluids inside your body. RepHresh Brilliant pH Tampons provide excellent absorbency and leak protection like traditional tampons, but they also have pH-Reducing Micro-Ribbons that reduce the usual vaginal pH increase during your period.  You can find the clinical studies on this at

Now you can get a FREE full size box of RepHresh Brilliant Tampons to try out for yourself!  Just fill out the short form with your address and use this code to get your free box – 557brilliantnow.  They will mail you a coupon for a free box that you can redeem at Walgreens – easy breezy!


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  1. Thank you!! GREAT FREEBIE!! 🙂 I picked up a couple of these a few weeks back when Wag’s had the RR deal 🙂

  2. wow awesome!!! I never say no to freeeee! 🙂


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