Free Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner Download!

Free Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner!

Okay, some of you may be thinking it’s a little early in the year for this, but with my small budget and my large gift list it’s never too early to get started on holiday planning! Between my five kiddos, my parents, my best friend and gift exchange parties at work I have a lot of people to buy Christmas gifts for. That’s not even considering the neighbors, the mail lady, the kids’ teachers, and all the other people I can’t remember right now! If I don’t start thinking about this stuff early then my entire budget is blown for months. That’s why I REALLY need a Christmas Planner and I thought it’d be awesome to share these super holiday strategies with you.

Free Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner!

Even gift wrapping can add up, and I always seem to need last minute hostess gifts for pop up parties thrown by friends and family. For these reasons I like to shop in advance, typically all year round, for things to keep in the gift closet for just such an occasion. This holiday / gift planner guide helps me to keep track of all my year-round purchases, including all my end of season clearance purchases for next year’s holiday decor!

Free Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner!

I love that I can keep a separate gift list for each of the kids as well as all the other special people in my life. In addition to the gift purchase tracker sheets shown above, you’ll get a personalized page that you can use to keep track of your gift recipients’ sizes, favorite colors and foods. There are ten different planner pages in this Christmas gift and holiday planner, simply print as many of each page as you need.

Free Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner!

It’s easy to get lost in the commercial aspect of the holiday season so we always like to slow it down a little and as a family try to do something for others. For example, we’ve delivered gifts to the kids in the children’s ward at the hospital on Christmas day, it’s a great reminder of how blessed we are! Make some cookies for a neighbor, or donate some winter coats, and use this sheet as a great way to track your planned acts of kindness this season.

Download the Christmas Gift & Holiday Planner here!


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  1. What a great idea! That would sure help to make things easier for the holidays. 🙂

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