Five Worst Times to Go Grocery Shopping

I’ve been to the grocery store way too many times (in the past of course!) on payday when the aisles are full, or at the end of a big sale when there’s not much left on the shelves but now that I’m a strategic shopper I know the five worst times to go grocery shopping.  You will not see me in the store on any of the following occasions:

  1. Between 4 and 7 on weekday afternoons when the tired and cranky crowd hits the store on the way home from work.
  2. The day before a holiday – I do not want to buy one of the last remaining turkeys or picked over Christmas cookies.
  3. Holiday weekends – not even the employees want to be there on Memorial Day and the 4th of July weekends, and all of the good sales come before the holiday anyway.
  4. Weekends – most store sales start at the beginning or middle of the week so by the weekend much of the good stuff is already gone. 
  5. Right before or during a big storm – lots of people do last-minute shopping to prepare when the weatherman predicts a hurricane or a snow storm, unfortunately this can sometimes lead to price gouging and shortages.  Instead, you can be prepared by keeping the things you might need in your stockpile.


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  1. I have gone to the store on the weekend and between 4-7 and I can totally agree those are the worst times to go. Unless you go extra early on the weekend mornings. I haven’t had a problem at those times so far lol!

  2. In my area I would also have to say Wednesdays. Most stores around here have senior days on Wednesdays. I certainly have nothing against senior citizens (I always, think person could be my Grandma or Grandpa) , but it usually means the stores are busier and I like to shop quickly. When I have to worry about being stuck behind slow moving people in the aisles (or parking lots!), I get more stressed out. So I just go on a different morning.

  3. I totally agree with numbers 2-4. Those are the worst times to go grocery shopping!

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