Final Numbers for September – Saved $742.84

I cannot believe how little we spent this month – we spent $135.61 and this is officially the least we’ve EVER spent in any given month.  I’m always proud to show off my numbers, but I want to make sure you’re all aware that this was NOT a typical month.  We had a freezer full of home cooked meals still from last month so I never got around to doing a freezer cooking day this month and I only buy meat the day before I do that which means we bought no meat this month.  Unfortunately I think I’m going to be hurting in October since I “goofed off” in September and I’m all set to work at local festivals THREE weekends this month.  Hubby is a hobby beekeeper and each fall he harvests the honey and we sell it at local festivals.  I’m going to try and squeeze in a freezer cooking day in between all of the festivals, but I think I’m also going to reserve the right to use some of last month’s savings to eat out a little more than usual this month 😉

According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $3,034.58 so far this year and have saved $11,165.76.  That’s an average of $337 per month for our family of seven.  We used to spend that on a weekly basis and never had any sort of a stockpile so I’m just thrilled with the savings!


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  1. Absolutely incredible!! Great job!!

  2. WAY TO GO!!!! I’m thrilled that you can get such savings! Keep up the good work!!

  3. That is so great. You rock!

  4. THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!!! WOW!!!!! I am soo happy for you all!!

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