Final Numbers for September – Saved $686.42

September was a great month for stocking the freezer back up with lots of frozen entrees, and the numbers include the $60 we paid for 40 pounds of chicken from Zaycon Foods even though it won’t be delivered until Monday.  I’ll need to take some time this weekend to plan a freezer cooking day for the chicken for early next week!  If anyone has some suggestions on their favorites I’d love to hear them 🙂  This month we came in $133 under our monthly budget of $375! For the month of September we spent $242.05 to buy $928.47 worth of groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 75%! According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $2,027.69 so far this year for $10,099.19 worth of stuff, or 80% off. That equates to an average of $225 per month for our family of seven, or about $1/day per person!


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  1. This is amazing!! I wish I had your diligence in saving money… ugh!! We just keep on struggling!!

  2. Thanks Janet! It just takes a little practice – we used to spend $350/week, and I’m so proud that we’re now spending less than that a month! Each year the monthly budget gets lowered based on last year’s numbers and that is a great feeling 🙂

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