Final Numbers for October – Saved $910.62

We were running well below budget for the month of October, but then I got a notice that Zaycon Foods would be delivering 93/7 lean ground beef in November and I hustled on over to place my order.  Although we won’t get the beef until next week, we paid $115 for it during October so it is included in the monthly numbers.  We bought 40 pounds of chicken from them last month so the freezer will be pretty well stocked up for awhile.  Now I’ve just got to plan another freezer cooking day for next weekend.  I’m happy that we still came in nearly $30 below our monthly budget of $375! For the month of October we spent $345.35 to buy $1,255.97 worth of groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 73%! According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $2,373.04 so far this year for $11,355.16 worth of stuff, or 80% off. That equates to an average of $237 per month for our family of seven, or a little over $1/day per person!


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