Final Numbers for May – Saved $901.06

We finally got a freezer cooking day in this month but we kept it simple and just did meals with only a few ingredients so we still came in way below budget for the month at just $292.80 to buy $1,193.86 worth of groceries, toiletries and household supplies.  That's 76% off overall and is $82 below our monthly budget of $375!  Although we do still have a bunch of homemade meals in the freezer, they're all chicken or hamburger entrees and we really need to take the time for another freezer cooking day pretty soon so we can get some more variety in our weekly menu plan.  According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $1,114.62 so far this year for $5,894.56 worth of stuff, or 82% off.  That equates to $223 per month for the first part of the year, but since we spent the first two months eating from our own pantry I’m sure that the monthly average will be going up some each month for the rest of the year.  We're still well below budget though so there's plenty of wiggle room!



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  1. Great job! I started tracking our spending on a spreadsheet too. We didn’t have as high of a percent as you, but I was happy!

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