Final Numbers for March – Saved $1,089.14


Here are my final numbers for March – I bought  $1,463.32 worth of products for a net out of pocket of $374.18.  The 74% savings rate doesn’t look too bad, but keep in mind that there are a couple Walmart trips at about 20% off and a bread store trip at 0% off that weigh that number down 🙂  Overall I dig it!

We set a budget of $500 a month for this year for our family of seven (plus dogs, cats, hermit crabs, honey bees and sea monkeys 😉 ) because we had just finished a rather large new stockpile area that we were planning on filling up – so far though we’re averaging $391 a month, we actually used to spend that or more in a week before we started couponing.  It won’t hurt my feelings to lower the monthly goal, but in the meanwhile I’m so proud of the numbers that I’ve made a new sidebar button to keep track!  Check it out and let me know what you think!


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