Final Numbers for June – Saved $1,154.29

This month we spent $402.88 for $1,557.14 worth of products, that’s a savings of $1,154.29 for May.  We went just slightly over last month’s $380 but still stayed well below our $500/month budget so I’m very happy with that, especially since we paid for two big freezer cooking days this month and have a freezer full of prepared meals for July 🙂

According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $2,267.61 so far this year and have saved $6,845.07.


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  1. Just wondering- is your total spent each month include your food and everything exra? I just started couponing and am just figuring things out. I can’t wait to get Excel from my dad so I can start to keep track of my savings and spending too. Thanks!

  2. Yes – this is our total spent for groceries, toiletries, over the counter meds, dog food, cat litter, etc. I do not include things like gas or prescriptions, but do include everything else for our family of seven, dog, two cats, about a hundred sea monkeys and 25 beehives 😉 (they actually get fed too, but only during the winter)

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