Final Numbers for July – Saved $631.43

Wow – this is the cheapest month in the history of our family at only $222.80 spent for July!  We were WAY under our $500 monthly budget for our family of seven, plus a dog, two cats, five four hermit crabs, twenty beehives and an apparently unlimited supply of Sea Monkeys.  I attribute the large majority of that savings to all the freezer cooking we did in June.  We still have plenty of meals in the freezer and had out of town visitors for most of July so we didn’t do any freezer cooking this month, therefore we didn’t buy any meat this month.  Since this is an unusual occurrence I’m going to reserve the right to use some of the savings from this month on next month’s freezer cooking, but honestly I’m still hoping to come in under budget for August too 😉 

According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $2,490.51 so far this year and have saved $7,476.50.


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  1. wow you are crazy!!! I can’t believe that!!!!! Cracked up at the sea monkey part haha That is just absolute amazing – you go girl!!!! =]

  2. Those wacky Sea Monkeys are MUCH more prolific than they were when I was a kid – we just can’t seem to kill them 🙂

  3. AWESOME!!!! I’d have to say you are the COUPON QUEEN!!!

  4. That is WONDERFUL!! Wow at all you savings!! And yeah cracked up here too at the sea monkey part lol!!

  5. You did great on your savings! That is fantastic shopping, especially for such a big family.

    I would love it, if you would link up your savings at my Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free. I know my readers could learn a lot from you.

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