Final Numbers for January – Saved $1,210.93

I’d been working really hard on keeping our spending below $100 for the month of January during the Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge, and ended up doing so well at using money maker deals to cover staples like bread and milk that our spending for the month was only $14.77!!  I was so proud of keeping the spending this low that I actually jumped at the chance to spend the savings on 40 pounds of hamburger and 30 pounds of bacon from Zaycon Foods that was just delivered last weekend.  We still have plenty of chicken in the freezer from the previous delivery so I figure we now have enough meat in the freezer to make it through March and maybe a little further.  I’m super excited that even with spending an unexpected $206.76 on meat, we STILL came in below our new monthly budget of $300! For the month of January we spent $221.53 to buy $1,432.46 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 85%!  That equates to an average of $1.02 per person for the month for our family of seven!


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