Final Numbers for February – Saved $686.26

Since we extended January’sĀ Clean Out Your Cupboard Challenge as far as we could into February we were able to finish out the month way under our $375 budget.Ā  I’m sure that March will be a much different story because the freezer and cupboards are pretty bare now and we’ll be needing to plan another freezer cooking day pretty soon!Ā  We spent $204.78 in February to purchase $891.04 worth of groceries, toiletries and household goods, for a savings of $686.26 or 77% off.


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  1. I think it is wonderful how much money you save. I have been couponing since October and am no where near saving the way you are. I must be doing something very wrong, help!!

  2. Don’t give up Jennifer! I remember that at about 6 months into “strategic couponing” we hit the point where we had a really good stockpile and could easily skip shopping for a week (or two) except for things like eggs and milk. That’s when you really start to feel comfortable! After awhile you’ll even start passing up the “free” stuff cuz you’ve already got plenty at home šŸ™‚ Plus there are lots of other strategies you can incorporate, like menu planning and freezer cooking (start by doubling a recipe and freezing half for next week!).

  3. Thanks Denise, I am obviously not being ‘strategic’ enough and need to work on that.

  4. So do you know of any good deals on chest freezers…ours just died…? : ( sharon

  5. I’m so sorry Sharon – that really stinks! I’ve found the best prices on small freezers at Big Lots and WalMart but if you’re looking for a larger one I’d check at Sears (that’s where we got ours). You could even ask at each store you visit whether they have any scratched or dented models that you could get at a discount.

  6. After watching Extreme Couponing the other night, I’ve got the “coupon” bug!! I cannot believe how much I’ve wasted all these years. I have 5boys & I’ve been unemployed for almost 2yrs. This has come at a great time! Your site is wonderful & I’ve already learned so much. I’ve finally realized what those coupons on my CVS receipt were for, all those wasted ECB’s.. well I can’t wait to start saving!!!
    Thank you.

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