Final Numbers for August – Saved $1,203.23

August was a great month for savings and for stocking up on toiletries, sodas and back to school snacks and supplies so I think the monthly numbers looks pretty great!  We still had lots of homemade meals left in the freezer from July so we didn’t really spend much money on meat, but we’ll need to get in another freezer cooking day or two during September to replenish the supply.  This month we came in $128 under our monthly budget of $375!  For the month of August we spent $246.51 to buy $1,441.05 worth of groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 84%!  According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $1,785.64 so far this year for $9,170.72 worth of stuff, or 81% off.  That equates to an average of $223 per month for our family of seven, or about $1/day per person!



  1. What kind of rebates do you do? $246.50 in a month is awesome. Could you give us some examples for this last month?

  2. Thanks so much Lizel! All of my Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks show up in the spreadsheet as rebates, and I roll those from week to week so it’s not so much cash out of pocket. The only mail in rebate I did in August was the $5 Kellogg’s rebate from yesterday’s Publix trip for buying 5 participating products in one trip. I love questions (it means somebody besides my mom is reading!) so please keep’m coming!

  3. Just curious but how did you do that spreadsheet? better yet, can you email me it to me so I can make one? I never really thought about tracking my spending/ savings but that would be ideal so I can lose that feeling of “winging” it when it comes to finances.

  4. Hey Donna! I really love the spreadsheet because it’s super easy to use and it keeps me in line 🙂 My friend Angela from The Coupon Project created it and you can download it for free from her site here –

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