Final Numbers for August – Saved $630.44

August turned out to be a pretty crazy month with all the back to school activities and purchases, and with our evacuation last week due to Hurricane Isaac. I have to admit that when I did my usual shopping trips a couple of days before the hurricane hit it felt great to have a stockpile already so I could just be doing a normal trip instead of buying a bunch of last minute hurricane supplies like everyone else. Since we were able to stretch out our back to school purchases over the past year, starting with last year’s clearance sales, we were able to stay nearly $79 under our current monthly budget of $300! For the month of August we spent $221.03 to buy $851.47 worth of groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, or a savings of 75%! According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $1,822.41 so far this year for $7,639.06 worth of stuff, or 77% off. That equates to an average of $228 per month for our family of seven, or $1.08 a day per person!


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  1. Amazing, simply amazing! So happy to hear you were safe during Isaac. P.S. I like your mobile site. 🙂 (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  2. Thanks so much Janet! You’re the best 🙂

  3. Wow! Great job. I believe that I’ve read previously that you purchase meat separately. Is that included in these totals?

  4. Thanks Amie! Yes – I buy meat in bulk, usually 40 lbs of ground beef or boneless chicken at one time from Zaycon Foods. Then I fill in with other meats like chuck roasts, pork chops and chicken legs occasionally when they’re on BOGO sale at Winn Dixie. It’s amazing how much this method has saved us on our food budget! I just made a big bulk purchase in July and will do another this month. Those purchases are definitely included in the totals and in the monthly averages listed here.

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