Final Numbers for April – Saved $735.23

We spent a total of $261.47 during April to purchase $985.86 worth of groceries, toiletries, pet food and supplies for our family of seven plus two cats, a dog, fifteen thirteen goldfish and several thousand (new) Sea Monkeys.  At the end of last year we set a monthly budget of $375 but we’ve been too busy between travel, spring break and unexpected house repairs to do any freezer cooking lately so we bought very little meat in April.  Unfortunately, now we’re scraping the bottom of the freezer and we really need to try and fill it up with some nutritious homemade meals this month!  I still think we can come in under budget for May also, but I certainly won’t feel bad if we don’t – as long as the freezer is full too!  According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $860.55 so far this year for $4,813.65 worth of stuff, or 83% off.  I’m amazed that it equates to an average of $215 a month, but I’m also sure that will be going up this month with a couple of large meat purchases and over the summer with the kids spending more time around the house.


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  1. Oh wow! Thank it fantastic! To have that many pets and people in a household, that is some amazing shopping! WTG

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