Final Numbers for April – Saved $1,026.80

We spent a total of $310.05 this month on groceries, toiletries and drugstore items for a family of seven, plus a dog, two cats, five hermit crabs, 24 beehives and a rapidly growing number of sea monkeys (but they don’t cost too much to feed 😉 )  That is less than we used to spend PER WEEK before we started shopping strategically, and is about $190 under budget for the month so I’m very pleased!

According to the spreadsheet, we saved $1,026.80 in April and $4,538.29 so far for the year – I was so proud when I added it up that I had to update the “look how much I saved” image in the sidebar even though the month isn’t over cuz I’m done shopping for the week.


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  1. Jessica says

    Do you include pet food in your grocery budget?



  2. Hey Jessica! Yes I do – I include pet food, toiletries and even over the counter medicines (like all the Claritin we’re going thru right now) in the grocery budget. I do not include things like prescriptions, clothing, or gas – they get dealt with separately in the budget 🙂

  3. Jessica says

    Thank you! So do I. I’ve been looking for a blog that analyzes grocery budgets like yours. Thanks so much.


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