Final Number for May – Saved $633.08

We made one bulk meat purchase from Zaycon Foods back in January and haven’t bought any meat since then until the Memorial Day sales over the past week.  I’ve picked up 60 pounds of chicken leg quarters, a slab of ribs, a whole pork loin and a sirloin tip roast this week to re-stock the freezer a little so I’m amazed that we still came in $22 under our current monthly budget of $300! We’d been trying to use up everything in the freezer since the first of the year so I’m really thrilled to have a tiny bit more variety in there now.  For the month of May we spent $277.94 to buy $911.02 worth of groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies and gifts, or a savings of 70%! According to the spreadsheet we’ve spent $1,096.15 so far this year for $5,004.89 worth of stuff, or 79% off. That equates to an average of $219 per month for our family of seven, or around a dollar a day per person!


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