Do You Know a Woman Who Shines?

Yahoo! Shine is looking for women who are blazing new trails in their community, changing lives and doing extraordinary things every day. They are accepting nominations through October 22nd and allowing visitors to vote for their favorite Woman Who Shines. Voters may vote for as many nominees as they’d like, however they can only vote once for each nominee during the voting period. The voting phase will continue through October 29th and the nominee with the most votes will win a $10,000 prize!

Dr. Theresa Harden, Principal of Rosinton Elementary

I have nominated Dr. Teresa Harden, the principal at my children’s school, because she does such wonderful things for the school, the students and for the entire community and she is definitely a Woman Who Shines.

There are slightly over 300 students who attend Rosinton Elementary School, which includes grade levels Pre-K through sixth. Sixty-eight percent of those students are considered at-risk. The school operates on a very limited budget and Dr. Harden has been instrumental in securing additional funds through grants and fundraisers to provide access to performing arts programs as well as playground equipment, computers and supplies for students. She works tirelessly throughout the year to support her students, their families and the community.

I went to the school one morning this week and hung out with Dr. Harden for a couple of hours while I learned more about her background, interviewed her and asked questions for this post and I found out a lot of interesting things that I didn’t know. I knew she was passionate about her students and providing a fun yet challenging learning environment for them, I did not know that in order to accomplish this goal she works very hard to bring in grants, donations and other funding sources of at least $30,000 per year to supplement the regular budget. I also didn’t realize that she was a special education teacher for years before becoming principal and was instrumental in developing alternative programs for special needs students in the county.

While I followed Dr. Harden around and talked with her she stood in front of the school and greeted every single student entering the campus by name and with a hug or some other positive greeting. She told me that she did this regularly because there are a couple of special students who really need an extra boost in the mornings to get their day started off right, however I don’t know which students she meant because you could tell they were all special to her.

If you would like to nominate a Woman Who Shines from your community, head on over to Yahoo! and submit your nominee. I’d also like to encourage you to vote for your favorite nominee whether you’re nominating a special lady or not.

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  1. What a WONDERFUL principal!! When I was growing up, the only time a student “saw” the principal was when they were in trouble and were sent to the principal’s office. I applaud Dr. Harden and her special interest in the children of her school!

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