Do Cashiers Make You Feel Like You’re Stealing From The Store?

How many times have cashiers “rolled their eyes” and made belittling comments when you bring out your coupons?  I even had a cashier refuse to take a second coupon for an item I’d bought (store coupon plus a mfg coupon), saying the store wouldn’t allow more than one.  I asked when did the policy change, as I’d done the exact same thing last week – to which he replied “the other cashiers don’t know the store policy”.  I REALLY should have asked to see a manager who could possibly have “educated” the cashier on the store policy, and if I hadn’t had a husband and grandchild waiting in the car for me I would have!

If you’ve been treated badly, either with words or looks, from a casher I recommend you run over to Brandy’s post entitled and check out what REALLY happens when couponers use all those coupons! 

We’re actually helping the stores – not trying to rip them off or cheat them, as they’d like us to think.   Thank you Brandy for the excellent post!  Now if we could just get the store managers and cashiers educated a little bit, our couponing efforts might be just a little bit easier.


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