Couponing 101: 5 Tips Beginners Should Know

If you’re a dedicated saver, then couponing is surely something you should be doing. Couponing is a wonderful way to save precious dollars on your regular trips to the grocery store. If you’re a beginner at collecting and using coupons, then here are some tips you might find extremely helpful:

1) Know where to find coupons.

A real saver knows where to find coupons. The Sunday newspaper is a cherished source of coupons, and so are the flyers being given out at the supermarket. You should definitely also take advantage of the Internet. Perform an online search for coupons that you can print out. If you’re looking for a coupon for a particular brand, then check the merchant’s website to see if there are any great deals you can take advantage of before hitting the stores.

2) Try new things.

As you clip coupons, you’ll find wonderful deals on all sorts of brands and products. If you want to use these coupons, keep in mind that you should be open to trying new products. You can’t always be loyal to a particular brand if you want to get the best deals.

3) Plan ahead.

Plan your weekly menu based on the coupons you’ll be using to match with the sales for that particular week. If you’re using a coupon for chicken, then plan on cooking several meals using chicken over the next few days. This way you’ll be able to truly make use of your coupons instead of letting things go to waste.

4) Stock up on non-perishable items.

If you’ve got coupons for basic non-perishable items such as soap, toothpaste and paper towels, take advantage of them even if you aren’t running low on supplies yet. There’s nothing wrong with stocking up on some items if you know you’ll eventually use them. Of course, make sure you’ve got space for it at home!

5) Aim to save.

Remember that the ultimate goal behind your couponing is to save money on the items that you need! Sure, you have a coupon – but don’t purchase a particular item if you don’t actually need it or have a use for it.

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