Coupon News: Motorola Retail Shopper Study

The Motorola 2009 Retail Holiday Season Shopper Study reports that only a little more than half (51%) of consumers use their mobile phones for product information, comparison shopping and coupons.  This number goes up to 64% for shoppers ages 18 to 34.

Another finding in the study is that at least 39% of consumers were willing to abandon a mobile purchase if they could not use or obtain coupons or discounts.  A lack of coupons is considered to be one of the main reasons that an estimated 40% of shoppers abandoned carts altogether, double the 20% estimate from 2008.  The report concluded that the majority of abandoned purchases could have been recovered if coupons and/or discounts had been readily available.

Read more about the study and its conclusions at Marketing VOX.


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