Cordless Nail Shaper Kit $8 Shipped!

Before the kids came along I used to keep my fingernails painted and manicured almost all of the time, but I think I’ve done my nails 5 or 6 times over the last six years.  Now that all of the kids are finally in school I’m trying to change that and start taking a little better care of myself again and I’ve gotten a really good start – I now have tons of nail polish and nail wraps in the stockpile and I’ve quit using the treadmill as a clothes hanger 😉  Anyhoo – since I haven’t used one in forever I wasn’t sure if this FineLife 4-In-1 Cordless Beauty Nail Care Kit w/Light was a very good deal at $7.99 with free shipping so I searched and found out that these and similar models sell on Amazon and elsewhere for between $20 and $35 before shipping.


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