Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge: Goal Week

I’m excited that we’ve officially kicked off the Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge series that is being co-hosted by myself, Laura at Frugal Follies, Robbie at Going Green Mama, Crystal at Mrs. Happy Homemaker, and Rebecca Jean at Midnight Maniac, and I’m hoping that you guys are participating as well! 

This January we are challenging ourselves to eat from our pantries – to use up all that excess food sitting in the backs of the cupboards, from the refrigerator door, from the stockpile and from the freezer – and limit our shopping to as little as possible.  Last week I did an inventory of our stockpile and freezer and I’ve already posted this week’s menu based on what we’ve got available on hand.

Everyone who is participating in the challenge has their own goals and can set their own rules, but here is what I hope to get out of the challenge:

  • I plan to buy NO meat this month, instead I will…
  • use up or donate most of the stuff in my currently overflowing stockpile and pantry
  • clear out my freezers before all the ‘Frozen Food Month’ sales in March
  • I WILL shop but will only buy hot deals I can’t pass up and staples like milk and eggs
  • I will take January off from doing any organized freezer cooking days
  • and BEST OF ALL – I’m looking forward to starting out the year way below budget!

Please let us know if you’re cleaning out your cupboards this month – submit your link below or leave a comment and tell us about it!


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  1. I just started couponing in December so I don’t have a lot of stockpile to use up this month – any recommendations for other ways I can participate in the challenge?

    I’m aiming to spend as little as possible for one thing. 🙂

  2. Absolutely – I would still start by doing an inventory of your cupboards. Trust me, they’ll fill up quick, so now is a great time to get rid of expired stuff and use up what’s left. I highly recommend planning one breakfast for supper meal a week as a way to $$ on your grocery bill. This is also a great time to consolidate or use up your cleaning supplies to clear out some cabinet space cuz you’ll be able to stock up with lots of new stuff for cheap or free with the spring cleaning sales coming up.

  3. We are participating in this challenge due to NEEDING to save money. My husband is laid off for the winter so now is the time to enjoy all the goodies that I stockpiled throughout the summer months. We are looking forward to ‘unburying’ all the treasures in the freezer and cupboards. I will now be purchasing only if need the item or if it is a couponed item for over 60% off! I really enjoy this site and have just started my own. Hoping I can bless someone else out there with my savings knowledge.

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