Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge: Final Notes

Well our January Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge is coming to a close today, and I’m proud to say that we only spent $90.89 of our $375 monthly grocery budget this month to feed our family of seven, two cats and a dog!  I’m amazed that we got by with spending so little, and that we actually still have enough food in the freezer that we’ve planned out the next two weeks’ worth of menus as well. 

That buys me a couple more weeks before I have to plan any more freezer cooking days, and it’s going to have a big impact on February’s budget too!  I really thought I was doing pretty good on the budget before, but I’m proud to have developed some great new habits that will hopefully continue.  For example, at the beginning of the month it was almost painful to pass up on things like 5 cent pasta and 45 cent fruit sorbet, but I refused to buy anything we already had on hand and now my final numbers for the month are a huge motivator to keep doing that.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and who shared their posts with us!  If you’ve made it through the month and have a final post, please link it up below so we can give you some pats on the back and virtual hugs!


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