Child Car Seat Safety Tips

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Car Seat Safety Tips

During the holiday season many of us will be on the road more than usual with all the extra shopping and trips to visit family. Of course car seat safety is important all year long but this busy travel season is a great time for a checkup. Here are a few tips for keeping kids safe while riding in cars:

Kids Ride in the Back Seat

The back seat of a vehicle is generally the safest place in the event of a crash so children are safer there. Additionally, if your car has passenger side airbags, it’s important that all children under 12 always ride in the back seat.

Use the Correct Car Seat

Children grow so fast that it can be hard to keep up, but it’s essential to always use the appropriate car seat based on the child’s age and size. Rear facing car seats should be used until the infant is at least 20 pounds and 1 year of age. After both of those milestones are reached you can switch to a front facing car seat. Keep the child in a car seat with a safety harness until they are at least 40 pounds. From 40 to 80 pounds it is best to use a booster seat with an adult lap and shoulder belt.

Know Your Car’s Latch System

Latch stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children.  According to those anchors can be hard to find, so you should check your vehicle’s manual as well as the manual for your car seat to make sure that it’s attached properly.



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