Check Out My Sample Stockpile!

I’m getting ready to head out of town next week for BlogHer so I pulled my sample baskets out of the stockpile and I thought I’d get some pix for you guys while I was at it 🙂  I request a lot of samples because they usually come with coupons that I save to use when the full size items go on sale.  I throw all of the samples and freebies that I get into these baskets that I keep in the stockpile, then I use them on trips so I don’t have to carry big bottles of hairspray, shampoo and face cream.  I also like to put a small basket of samples in the guest bath when we have company.

I had no idea how many samples those two little baskets could hold (they’re not full yet!) until I started spreading them out to look through them.  I got these cool webbed nylon baskets on sale at Michaels and I have two more that I use to store extra cosmetics and lip balm.


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  1. Wow that’s quite impressive!!! =]

  2. Forgot to mention that I get some of the freebies at CVS and Wags using coupons that don’t exclude trial sizes 🙂

  3. Very sweet!!

  4. We put the samples out like a “hotel” for our guests too, especially the in-laws! My M-I-L thinks I do it just for her shhhh!

  5. I won’t tell her if you don’t tell mine 😉

  6. I use my free samples for traveling too! You have quite an impressive stockpile!

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