Celebrate The Worldwide Day of Play

September 24th is the Worldwide Day of Play where kids and families are encouraged to turn off their televisions and play outside.  Physical activity is so important for all of us, but especially for children as it can start them off with a great foundation for the rest of their lives in addition to improving their health, well being and self esteem.  This year Clorox 2® is a proud sponsor of Nickelodeon’s 8th Annual Worldwide Day of Play and they’ve come up with a great Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside!

It would be so easy to let our five kids come home from school, drop their backpacks on the table, then lounge around in front of the TV until dinner (or bed) time, but they’re so much happier when we suggest going outside for a walk or even just to play for a little while on the swingset.  We live in the middle of the woods and we love to take nature walks before dinner since we do homework after.  The kids look for animal prints on our long winding dirt driveway and they get very excited when they find deer tracks or others like from raccoons or the wild turkeys that live in our area.  Of course mom is not as happy when we see the occasional slithering snake track, but we take those as good learning opportunities for the children and they know exactly what to do if they happen to see the real thing.

We’re also lucky enough to live within a short drive of the Gulf of Mexico so on the weekends the kids often get to go to the beach where they could happily spend hours chasing waves and collecting seashells.  It seems that the more physical they have, the better they get along because they’re playing and working together instead of fighting over what to watch next on TV. 

I’m very glad to help spread the word and to celebrate the Worldwide Day of Play so we’ve taken the Clorox2® Play 2Day pledge to play outside and I’ve added the widget to the sidebar here so that others can easily take the pledge as well.  Won’t you join us and take the pledge to play outside with your kids on September 24th?  It’s a great way to get moving, bond with your kids, and encourage a healthier lifestyle that includes limited TV time and more physical activity.  I’d also love to hear in the comments below what kind of outdoor activities you and your family enjoy!

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  1. I’m with you on letting kids play (rather than watching TV!). They NEED to be outdoors getting some sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Good for you and great post!!!

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