Save a Bundle with the New RetailMeNot App

RetailMeNot iPhone App

You all know that I’m a huge fan of RetailMeNot and I start every online purchase with a visit to their website to find any available promotions or coupon codes, well now I’m thrilled to announce that they have a new mobile app that will help you Save When You Want, Where You Want!™

Not only is RetailMeNot the largest online coupon site in the United States, they also provide the ability to search for location based coupons while you’re out shopping. Download the latest version of the RetailMeNot iPhone app here and you can use your phone to find the hottest deals at popular stores, plus it even identifies nearby store locations where you can go to redeem in-store coupons.

When you use the RetailMeNot iPhone app you can even save coupons to your phone for later use, and the app will notify you when they’re about to expire so you’ll never miss out on using your favorites! Another one of the really cool new features is the geo-fence ability, that’s where there is a virtual perimeter around a physical store location so when you enter a geo-fenced area like a shopping mall, you’ll be immediately alerted about other nearby specials.

In other exciting news, RetailMeNot is giving away an iPhone 5 every day through Monday, November 26th. Click here to enter! So go enter to win, download the app, then head out to grab some great savings!

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$10 Off 2″ Binder Covers At

Check out the HUGE Clearance Sale at   We’ve added many binder covers to the clearance isle in order to make room for new fall fabrics!  The clearance price for the standard 2″ binder covers have been reduced from the regular price of $29.95 to $19.95 – $10.00 off which equals a WHOPPING 33% discount .  Some of the designs are still available in the “custom” sizes – 3″, 4″ 5″ (with add on custom prices added to the $19.95 clearance price), however some of the designs have all  been sold except for a few of the 2″ covers.   Keep in mind the clearance covers are limited in quantity – when they’re gone, they’re gone!  These are some really great deals!  We’ve heard from a few people who are buying one for themselves and several for friends and relatives for Christmas.  Here are a few of the styles that are still available in the clearance section:


There are a couple dozen styles/designs that have been moved to the clearance section, so you still have a variety to choose from.  These won’t last long because we’re anxious to start moving in the fall fabrics.  Happy Shopping!


Save 10-15¢ a Gallon at Murphy USA

Many people depend on their cars to get to work or school, run errands and to take their kids to all the places they need to go. We sometimes feel like we live in the car because our house is pretty far away from everything. That means we spend a large part our monthly budget on gas for the car so I’m always excited to learn about new ways to save in that department.

We love our local Murphy USA gas stations because they tend to have the best prices in town and they’ll even help you figure out what the best prices are near you and how to get to the closest gas station with their smartphone app. In addition to the cheapest gas around, we’ve also enjoyed getting 3¢ a gallon back on our gas purchases just for using our Walmart credit card, and I’m thrilled to let you know that through December 24th you can save even more!

When you purchase gas at any participating Murphy USA location using a Walmart gift card for payment at the pump you will get a discount of 10¢ per gallon. If you pay with a Walmart MoneyCard or a Walmart credit card you’ll save 15¢ a gallon! The cards that are valid for this program include:

  • Reloadable Walmart Gift Cards will receive a ten cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Credit Cards and Walmart Discover Credit Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Reloadable Walmart MoneyCards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Pay Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount
  • Walmart Green Dot Cards will receive a fifteen cent/gallon discount

Some states have laws against discounting gasoline, including Alabama, Florida, Minnesota and Oklahoma so stores in those areas may not be participating or may have different requirements. I live on the state line between Alabama and Florida and have favorite Murphy USA stores in both states so I will receive my discount in the form of a rebate on my credit card statement instead of as a discount at the pump. That actually works just fine for me because I’m able to see the savings add up and I figure that we’ll save enough through the end of the program to pay for another tank of gas! Check here to see the breakdown of discounts in different states.

Disclosure – This is a sponsored post on behalf of Murphy USA however I am also a very happy customer and all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


45 Pc Pfaltzgraff Flatware Set Only $35 Shipped!

Here’s a super hot deal on a Pfaltzgraff Atrium 45-Piece Flatware Service for 8 for just $34.99 plus free shipping! That equates to just 78¢ each piece for a gorgeous set of quality flatware. This deal would also make a great gift item for a wedding or for a housewarming.

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Multicolor 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set $20 Shipped!

This is a great deal on a Multicolor 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set for just $19.99 plus free shipping. The set includes a large mixing bowl, small mixing bowl, colander, sieve, and four measuring cups. All of the bowls have handles and everything is dishwasher safe.

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How To Save BIG Money On School Supplies!

You would think THIS is the time for big savings on school supplies! Of course every store out there has some sort of sale going on. According to the Winn Dixie sale flyer this week if you purchase one of their participating backpacks for $9.99, you will get a box of 24 crayons, a 10 pack pencils, 5 duo tang folders and a composition book free (a total of $9.67 in savings). This is really a good deal if you need backpacks, however if you got two of the BOGO backpacks at Walgreens last week, this might not help you. It seems that many of the stores have “something” that’s a good buy, but I’m thinking that if I have to run to 6 or 8 different stores to get the one or two deals that they have, I’m gonna be spending too much in gas!

Let me now tell you the secret that WE have done the past few years! When my quadruplet grandbabies (Denise’s quads) started pre-K – and Jacob, the big boy going into First grade, the lists of school supplies were pretty BIG! We said at that time – “this is a lot of stuff if you only have one child, but when there are 4 in the same class plus the first grader, this is a LOT of stuff to buy”!!!

Here’s what we did – of course we had to buy everything for that particular year, HOWEVER we also printed out the school supply lists for all the grades (pre-K through 6th grade). We got what sales we could for that first year, THEN after school actually started, the BIG BIG school supply sales started. Everywhere – WalMart, K-Mart, Walgreens, CVS the Navy Base Exchange – all the stores – simply wanted to get rid of the excess school supplies. WHOOHOOOO!! Did we ever get some GREAT deals for the kids for the NEXT year! We got crayons for 10 cents a pack, the duo tang folders for 8 cents each, packs of the ruled paper for 50 cents each, big bottles of hand sanitizers for 75 cents (reg $2.99/$3.99) and on and on — and the BIGGEST deal of all was when I ran into Office Depot for a few things and saw a cart FULL of the school pencil cases for ONE CENT EACH!!! Guess how many I bought —- enough for all the kids for every grade through 6th grade!!!

I have a closet in my office where we store all the supplies that we’ve bought at these “after school starts” sales, and a few weeks before school starts we dig out bags for each of the kids and start filling them with supplies from the closet according to what’s on the lists. Normally the only things we have to buy are the 3 boxes of kleenex per child, 2 rolls of paper towels per child and the 2 containers of clorox wipes per child. We can usually find those things on sale at some of the grocery store weekly sales, so we are able to keep the actual back to school spending down to a minimum.

Get a list of what your school will require for NEXT year for each of your children and beginning the end of August through the middle of September take perhaps a day or two to run into the stores you normally shop at (hit Walmart first!!) and take your list with you, and I can guarantee that you’ll be spending much less for next years’ school supplies.


Kenneth Cole 4 Pc Luggage Set Reg $1100 Now $250

Here’s a super hot deal on a Kenneth Cole Curve Appeal 4 Piece Luggage Set!  This four wheel spinner set comes in your choice of black or aqua and it regularly retails for $1,100 but you can grab the set right now for just $249.99 with free shipping.

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The Dark Knight Rises This Friday!

The long awaited movie The Dark Knight Rises starts this Friday and if you don’t want to risk them being sold out you can buy advance tickets online to The Dark Knight Rises from Fandango. Buy tickets to any movie on Fandango during July and receive a free $2 Amazon MP3 credit.

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$10 Bonus Bucks wyb $20 at Claire’s

Bonus Bucks are back at Claire’s! You really can’t beat this promotion – get a $10 credit for every $20 you spend at Make a purchase between July 12 and August 25 for $20 and you’ll earn $10 in bonus bucks that you can redeem between August 26 and September 16 towards a purchase of $20 or more.

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Ionic Pro Blow Dryer Reg $200 Now $35 Shipped!

I’m dying to have one of these ISO Ionic Pro 2000 Blow Dryer With 6 Speed/Heat Settings in the Giraffe print and it’s such a great deal that I’m thinking I should get it and put away until my current blow dryer dies (or put the old one away in case of emergency and use this one)!  This professional blow dryer regularly retails for $200 but you can grab your choice of Giraffe or Zebra for only $34.99 with free shipping.

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