Boost Your Budget

Boost Your Budget 

I’m super excited about this year’s Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge and I’m thrilled to have such fabulous co-hosts participating 🙂  This hidden page is just for the co-hosts and should contain everything you need for the event.  Remember, everyone’s goals will be different and there are no rules – we’re all just here to support and challenge each other to spend as little as possible for the month of January.  The list of co-hosts is in the linky on this page if you’d like to link to them or leave comments on their posts during the challenge, of course we should all list our own posts in each week’s linky as well. 

Some people’s goals may be to simply eat in more and out less, while some may plan to spend nothing on groceries for the month except for staples like bread and milk.  Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle – hubby and I eat out on Fridays and its the one thing we do for ourselves so I’m not giving that up.  But I do have way too much stuff in the freezer and stockpile (I don’t even know what all is in there) so my goal is to be as creative as possible with the menu for the month, while trying to eat only from the freezer, pantry and stockpile.  Of course my blog is about shopping and I can’t quit posting my trips so I’ll still be shopping, but only for the ‘free’ or super deals and staples. 

We will be giving away a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate each week to one participant and the co-hosts are also eligible to win. Each link in the common weekly linky will be an entry to win. I’d like to invite you to join the Coupon Clutch affiliate program if you haven’t already and use your affiliate link if you choose to link to the website. Full disclosure – I’m the founder and owner of and I’d LOVE to write you some checks 😉 

I can’t wait to hear about your goals in the first Monday’s posts!  Here is the posting schedule again, with the linky code for each week posted below (please copy and paste each week’s linky code into the bottom of your post then add your link to it): 

Jan 2nd – Goal Week  (or grab the best code for your blog here)


Jan 9th – Update  (or grab the best code for your blog here)


Jan 16th – Update  (or grab the best code for your blog here)


Jan 23rd – Update (or grab the best code for your blog here)


Jan 30th – Final Notes (or grab the best code for your blog here)


Here’s the code you can grab for the badge –

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