Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge – Goal Week

I’m very excited to announce the new Boost Your Budget Pantry Challenge series that I’ll be participating in and posting about throughout the month of January!  The Challenge is being co-hosted by myself, Pary Moppins, Going Crazy Wanna Go?, The Frugalista Chick, Matter of Cents, Coupon Pals, Thrifty Divas, Frugal Mom of Two, How About Free,, All The World Is Art, Sweeping The USA, Mommies Point of View, Mama’s Money Tree, Crunchy Frugalista, Fab Find Foodie, Making Time For Mommy, Adventures in Coupons, Full Price? NEVER!, The Frugal Navy Wife, Generations of Savings and A Savings WOW! and we’d love it if you’d join us as well.

So here’s the deal – this January we plan to challenge ourselves to eat from our pantries – to use up all that excess food sitting in the back of the cupboards, hiding in the refrigerator door, in the stockpile and from out of the freezer – and limit our shopping to as little as possible.

This is not a “no spend” month, this is a “make do with what you have on hand and spend as little as possible” month. Everybody’s personal goals will be different and we can each set our own rules – the point is merely to challenge ourselves and start off the new year with a boost to our budgets! We’re also giving away a $25 Coupon Clutch gift certificate each week to one participant who either leaves a link to a challenge post or a comment about their challenge goals. Won’t you join us?

My personal goals are to get an inventory of what we have in the stockpile (check out the mess it has become over the past couple of busy months) and in the freezer and eat for the month from what we already have on hand.  I don’t plan to give up Friday date night out with hubby and I’ll still be making my weekly shopping trips but I will ONLY be buying staples and free or really cheap deals (to tell my readers about of course 😉  My hope is to keep the spending for the month to under $100 for groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies for my family of seven.  I feel lucky to have such wonderful co-hosts to challenge me and help me on stay track, and we want you to join us, too!

Each Monday during January we’re going to post an update of our goals and how we’re doing at meeting those goals through the linky below.  So figure out what your goals are – is it to save money?  to have more room in your pantry? to stop wasting food and thus help the environment?  Figure out why you want to participate in the challenge – I look forward to hearing what your goals are!  I’ll be spending tomorrow (thank goodness the kids are going back to school!) doing an inventory of my pantry, stockpile and freezer so that I’ll have an accurate idea of what all I’ve got on hand and can get started on planning some menus!

(Bloggers: if you wish to join us, we’ll have a linky each week where you can link to your challenge posts.  The linky will appear on the blogs of all of the co-hosts so your post will get quite a bit of exposure!)


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  1. Holy moly! That is an IMPRESSIVE stockpile! Thanks so much for hosting and I look forward to your updates.

  2. Thank YOU very much! I just got back from my regular Monday shopping trips and I’m embarrassed to report that I spent $30 already when my goal for the month is $100, and I haven’t even been to the grocery store yet!

  3. Ann Fudge Cluck says

    Thank you for this awesome challenge!!

  4. Wow, what a stockpile! I have 2 shelves of food items, a deep freezer, and my HAB & cleaning supplies are tucked away in a closet and in the laundry room. I laughed when I read your challenge because I just did my meal plan for the month and made the meals for the first weeks out of what I have on hand. My goal for the month is to stick to my budget. I had been having good savings percentages, but consistenly going over budget. I got discouraged and stopped tracking my spending. This month, I am getting back on track. I was fortunate to receive gift cards and transferred a prescription that gave me a $25 credit which helped me get off to a good start.

  5. You go Amie! It does sound like you’re right back on track – hang in there, you can do it! Please come back next week and let us know how you’re doing 🙂

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