Book Review: 75 Fast & Legal Ways to Make Quick Cash

Book Review: 75 Fast & Legal Ways to Make Quick Cash

Most of us, myself included, have found ourselves strapped for cash on occasion. What do you do if you need an unexpected car repair and you just finished paying all your bills? What if you’re short on rent this month and payday is pretty far away?

If you’re having problems making your rent payment this month or putting gas in your car and you’ve already exhausted all your available funds and usual sources of credit, here are 75 ways you can raise some cash in a hurry.

The ideas in this book range from mundane to desperate, and while I wouldn’t necessarily encourage you to try them all, they are at least all legal and you can pick and choose the ones that work best for you.

Read through the exhaustive list that you’ll find in 75 Fast & Legal Ways to Make Quick Cash, try the ones that interest you, and you should have more cash by next week. Although you may not want to do some of the things on this list long term, you can at least make some quick bucks to get you out of a short-term bind.

The book is chock full of ideas ranging from traditional to modern, from no tech to high tech – you’re sure to find some that work for you! Get the paperback on Amazon for just $6.99 or you can get the Kindle version for only $3.99.


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  1. This looks exactly like what I need!!! Thank you for the info and I WILL be ordering one of the books! Could use some extra cash now!!!

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