Boogie On Down For End Of Season Sales

Summer is coming to a close, however those “end of season” sales are EVERYWHERE!  Just as we’ve talked about with school supplies, think of this time of year as the best time to be buying for NEXT summer!  You can find tons of lawn and garden gadgets, seasonal toys for children, sand box, pool and beach supplies at the lowest price ever.  Many of the seasonal toys can actually be used for Christmas giving, birthdays or just to put in your “gift closet” for a time when you might need a last minute gift for someone.

Check out the “end of season” deal we recently got for our grandchildren!!

About six weeks ago we had all of our grandchildren out to the beach, and a very nice lady came up to us and asked if our grandchildren would like to have the boogie board her son was carrying (the blue one on the far right).  She told us she and her son were “going home”, were flying and couldn’t take the board on the airplane.  I said they would love to have it.  Well, if your kids are like ours, everybody wants to be first, and it always happens that the last person had it “longer” than anybody else, and the story goes on.   They did pretty good, and I say “pretty good” at sharing the board, so we told them we would see if we could find one for each of them for the next time we went to the beach.

We did some checking, and ended up getting a really good deal on the other four boogie boards, at an end of season sale.  The original prices were right at $20 each, but the sale price was $9.25 on each of them.  WHOOHOO!  We felt like we’d stepped into a gold mine on that deal, so of course we grabbed up four at the sale price.  The kids were THRILLED to have their own boogie board the next weekend when we went back to the beach.

You never know what you’ll find at the End Of Season Sales — keep an open mind when you’re looking around — you might need things later yourself, or as we mentioned for use as gifts.  Let us know what great deals you have come across.


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