Black Friday Shopping Strategies

There are only 7 days left until Black Friday and just 36 days left until Christmas!  Are you ready?  Here are some strategies that will help you get the best deals this holiday season!

Brave the crowd or shop online?

Do you really need to head out at o’ dark thirty the morning after stuffing yourself with turkey and too many desserts?  For some, it’s the best way to grab the hottest deals, for others it really isn’t necessary.  It just depends on what you have on your shopping list.

Do NOT shop on Friday if:

  • You really don’t like crowds,
  • You can’t stand waiting in line,
  • You don’t know what you’re buying.

Not everyone can handle the mad rush of people on Black Friday, or a day filled with standing in line so make sure you’re up to it and don’t bring any fussy children (or husbands) with you to spoil your fun.  Never leave the house without a plan of attack.

DO set the alarm early if:

  • You’re buying big ticket items,
  • You have a lot left on your list,
  • You have a planned out strategy for what and where to shop.

When the stores are packed with people grabbing for the hot deals you don’t want to be window shopping.  Some of the best deals on Black Friday are on the higher priced items like televisions, computers and appliances – if you have any of these items on your list, or if you simply have a lot of people that you need to buy gifts for, then you’ll really benefit from hitting the stores early.

Creating your Black Friday strategy

First make a list of all the people you need to shop for, the gift ideas you have for those individuals, and any size information that you may need.  Next check out the Black Friday ads (see list of leaked ads and deal matchups below) to determine where you’ll get the best bang for your buck.  Start at the store that has the majority of the items on your list on sale, then plan to hit the next store with a lot of the things you’re looking for.  Since stores will run out of the best deals fast you need to start with the places where you can mark the most off your list.  Finally, bring water and snacks so you can keep your energy up without having to stop (or pay) for mall food, and be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.


Is online shopping better?

All of the hot items with the steepest discounts are in limited supply at the stores and they’re only available on a first-come first-served basis, no rainchecks so if you have your heart set on a specific model computer or television you may be much better off shopping from home.  Last year most of the brick and mortar stores ran the same deals online – start checking at 12:01 a.m. and if they’re not available then, check again about 5 a.m.  There will be a limited number available online as well, but your odds are much better and the lines are much shorter 😉


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