Black & Decker Power Monitor/Energy Saver $22 Shipped!

I bought one of these Black & Decker Power Monitor / Energy Savers when they were on deal of the day about a month ago and we love it!   This handy dandy little unit has two pieces – one attaches to your electric meter and the other is similar to a remote and gives you lots of details about your energy consumption.  This unit retails for $99.99 but is on special right now for just $21.99 with free shipping!

I’m working on some upcoming feature posts about saving money on your power bills and we’ve been using the power monitor to make some energy-saving changes around our home that I can’t wait to share.  Even though we haven’t gotten a second power bill since hooking up the unit, I can you tell with confidence that we’ve already saved more than enough to pay for the power monitor!  It’s actually been an eye opener to find out that our dryer takes more energy than our air conditioner!  The thing I like the most though is that the monitor has really helped to get the whole family on board with making all the small changes that really add up.


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  1. I just got one and I am counting on you to tell me how to use it to monitor our usage of energy. Thanks for posting this item I was curious about how to lower energy bills especially summer is around the corner.

  2. I’m surprised at how much I dig this thing! We’ve actually set the monitor part near the TV in the office so we can keep an eye on it 🙂 You can tell almost immediately when something (A/C, water heater, microwave etc) kicks on and your usage bumps up – it’s really neat and quite the motivator. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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