Biggest Vitamin Sale of the Year – Buy 1 Get 2 Free!

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I love Puritan’s Pride – they have terrific prices and they carry every type of vitamin and supplement imaginable.  Several times a year they run a Buy Two Get Three free sale which is a pretty darn good deal, but once a year they have a HUGE sale where you get TWO free for every ONE you buy!  That’s definitely stockup pricing and the biggest sale of the year starts today so I’m off to place my order.  I’m a big fan of their Green Source multi-vitamins and I always keep a bottle of their Lactase Enzyme handy because I’m terribly lactose intolerant (and ice cream and cheese are two of my favorite things).  Their private brand works just as well for me but is MUCH cheaper than Lactaid, and it’s a steal when it’s B1G2 free 🙂


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  1. Thank you SOOOOO much for posting this!!! I also love Puritan’s Pride but did not know about tis fantastic b1g2 sale!!! I use their Retinol Cream (vitamin A face cream) and it is wonderful!! I was nearly out, saw this post and decided I’d better get some on order. Well, I bought one 2 oz container and got TWO free and the total cost was $9.99!!! AWESOME!!!

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