Because Your Friendship Matters


You’ve been friends since your school days. All these years later, she is still the first person you call when you are in trouble. Now your best friend is facing the toughest battle of her life and you want to be there by her side. You want to show her how much she means to you. It’s simple. Just give her your time and your heart. The rest will fall into place.

Make Her Smile Bloom

Things are tough right now and no one knows what the future will hold. You know that she’s scared, but you can do little things to pick up her spirits. Fresh flowers provide you with flower delivery in Melbourne. Choose a beautiful arrangement that is sure to put a smile on her face. Surprise her when she least expects it and she will have something else to think about for a little while.

Have a Girls’ Day

Spend a girls’ day together with your friend. Give her your time and undivided attention for a day. Whether you stay in and watch old movies or go on a shopping spree, give her your companionship. When she needs a shoulder to lean on, you will be there. If she needs a hand to hold, all she has to do is reach out and you will catch her when she falls.


There are going to be times when all she wants to do is talk. You don’t have to do anything except listen to her. Give her your support and advice. Don’t allow there to be any other distractions. Turn off the television, go to a quiet place, and let her talk through whatever is bothering her. You might not be able to fix anything, but she will know that she isn’t alone.

Face the Tough Times Together

When it’s time to deal with that challenge, from a doctor’s appointment to a meeting with a lawyer, you can be her go-to girl. Offer her a ride. Sit in the waiting room. Accompany her to the next procedure. Volunteer your time. No matter what the problem is, you can help her to see that she is strong enough to handle anything. When she doesn’t feel strong enough, you will be there until she catches her second wind. She can get through it when you are side by side.


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