Beautiful Moissanite Earrings for Less than Diamonds!


First discovered in 1893, moissanite is often mistaken for genuine diamonds. Even under a microscope, professional jewelers have a hard time distinguishing a moissanite stone from a real diamond. There are a few distinct differences between a moissanite stone and a genuine diamond. They have different chemical compositions and physical properties when looked at closely under magnification. A diamond is composed of carbon; moissanite is chemically composed of silicon carbide. Moissanite has a more brilliant sparkle and far greater rainbow fire than diamonds. Moissanite is also created as perfect. There is no color grade, inclusion chart or cloudiness to worry about with moissanite stones versus diamonds.

Charles & Colvard is an industry leader in producing moissanite jewelry. While their primary market is engagement rings and loose stones, their earring collection is also very popular. Moissanite fashion earrings are an excellent choice for any diamond or jewelry lover. Due to their incredible sparkle and color, they are an ideal choice for pairing with any outfit and drawing in the light to your face.

If you love pave-set stones and a classic princess shape, you will enjoy the multitude of timeless studs that Charles & Colvard has to offer. Their channel-set, lever-back earrings are a great option for an upscale event or business dinner. They also have a great array of intricate designer-inspired designs with dramatic drops and twists that the modern fashionista will love. Charles & Colvard have mastered the art of showcasing this beautiful stone in such exquisite ways.


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  1. What BEAUTIFUL earrings! I will be checking out the site.

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