Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

Back to School Shoe Shopping

Back to school shoe shopping is always painful for me, not just because I have five kids to buy for, but also because they have very different personalities and when faced with so many choices at the shoe store they have problems making up their minds. Plus, two of the kiddos were cursed with their mommy’s wide feet so even if they find something they like it usually isn’t available in the wide width that they need.

Back to School Shoe Shopping

Over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to help take the pain out of shoe shopping for the kids. Instead of bringing all of them to the store with me, I trace each of their feet on a piece of paper. Then I use a shoe size chart that I downloaded from to determine what size they should be wearing. I like their chart the best because it also has wide width indicators.

Next I check out the newspaper and online for the best back to school shoe sales then I hit the store(s) with a list of sizes and the foot drawings for backup. I can then shop at my leisure without any begging or disappointment when they pick something that isn’t available in their size. Of course I keep in mind their favorite colors and I know who prefers Velcro to shoe strings so I can choose styles that will make them happy.

Many states have tax free shopping weekends for back to school, including Florida, so I wait until then to do the bulk of my shopping as that saves 7.5% right off the top. I also found a 20% off coupon for Shoe Station in the newspaper, plus they were having a big sale so I got everybody’s shoes with one stop today and I saved a bundle – score!


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  1. WOW – those shoes look GREAT!!! Lucky kids – I need a new pair, and didn’t see anything in that picture that would fit me!

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