Walgreens Answers for My Digestive Health Issues

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My whole life I’ve had digestive health issues and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that it took me years to figure out I was lactose intolerant. Dating in high school and college was an issue because I never wanted to eat in front of a date since I never knew if I’d end up having to spend time in the bathroom that I didn’t want to explain. Once I finally realized that it was dairy products causing me to feel bloated and crampy I learned to avoid my favorite foods like pizza and ice cream while out on a date or at work. Unfortunately I can’t live without cheese, milk and ice cream so I had to look for other methods of dealing with my issues. Thank goodness for help from Answers at Walgreens!

Answers at Walgreens #shop

Digestive health is such an important issue and I’ve had good luck with taking lactase enzyme pills so that I can enjoy the foods that I love, but I find that I’m still not very regular especially when I have too much dairy in my diet. For that reason I went to Walgreens Answers online and asked a pharmacist if he had any recommendations for me of over the counter products that might help. It was super easy to talk with the pharmacist about my issues using the Answers at Walgreens 24/7 online chat feature and he recommended that I try taking probiotics daily to help regulate my system.

Answers for My Digestive Issues From Walgreens #shop

I took the kids shopping with me at Walgreens and picked up a box of Culturelle, I even earned some points on my Balance Rewards card with the purchase.

Answers for My Digestive Issues From Walgreens #shop

There are tons of pamphlets, information and even coupons to be found in the store with Walgreens Answers on everything from foot care to treating children’s colds and I was pleased to have so much info handy and you can always ask the pharmacist on staff any questions you might have as well. I highly recommend that you check out the #WalgreensAnswers online chat feature with any questions that you might have, it’s available around the clock and is great for a little peace of mind whenever you need it!


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  1. It is great the resources Walgreens offers! Thanks for sharing your experience and good luck with the digestive stuff… I am in the same boat!

  2. I know with flu season coming up the Walgreens chat is going to be priceless.

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