Aldi vs. Walmart

Why should you prefer Aldi more than Walmart for shopping purposes?

Till now Walmart had been the most popular shopping store. But now, Aldi is gaining in importance. Now, according to most of the people Aldi is the key to low cost shopping as it was seen that the pricing at Aldi is around 20% below than that of Walmart pricing. Aldi is a German store chain and it is said that this discount chain is going to open at least 75 stores in U.S.

Reasons why you may prefer Aldi over Walmart?

Some of the most important characteristics of Aldi that differs from Walmart are:

  1. You will have to bring cash – Aldi stores accept only cash or debit cards or food stamps. You won’t be able to buy things using your credit cards in an Aldi store. So, rather than bringing your credit cards along with your, bring some cash or your debit cards. Walmart however, allows you to shop with credit cards. But, if you are not allowed to use credit cards, you will end up incurring less debt than you usually do with the usage of credit cards.
  2. The prices are comparatively lower – According to most of the people who have already shopped at Aldi have seen the difference in prices among the two shopping chains. That is, the prices at Aldi are much lower in comparison to Walmart. Thus, you are able to save more on your shopping.
  3. Less branded items sold in the store – Most of the items available at Aldi are not branded but in Walmart most of the items are branded ones and so the prices are higher in comparison to Aldi. However, the items without any particular label in the Aldi stores are actually good both in terms of taste and quality.
  4. Offers double back guarantee – As most of the items sold at Aldi are private label brands; they offer a double back guarantee. That is, they will both replace the item and refund you your money. However, Walmart does not offer any such double back guarantee on the items they sell. However, almost all of the customers are so satisfied with the items from Aldi that there have been almost no complaints till now.
  5. Great value for your money – The everyday low prices offered by Aldi are lower than that of Walmart and any other grocery store everyday offers. Aldi stores offer really great prices on staple foods like eggs, cheese, milk, etc. Moreover, the items are fresh and tasty. So, all of these along with the double back guarantee provides you great value for your money.

In addition you should also know that Aldi generally does not offer coupons as they already offer low prices as compared to any other stores. Aldi is able to offer such low prices because they don’t advertise much and they spend money on any other kinds of frills. They are a small store and are less crowded and so shopping at Aldi is much easier and time saving too.

Author’s BioRoxanne Peterson is a regular writer for various finance related Communities including CDFA, ECI and Debt Consolidation Care. She is a PG degree holder from in Marketing and Finance and right now working in a reputed bank as a relationship manager. She is well equipped to write articles on savings, frugality, shopping, debt consolidation, get out of debt, etc.


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