A Unique Way to Capture People’s Attention

Lapel Pins

Have you ever noticed how much of an attention grabber a whisper is? When someone begins whispering to another person, everyone around them diverts their attention to that direction in hopes of not missing what’s being said. Sometimes, it is the more subtle ways to promote your company, your organization or your cause that captures someone’s attention. If your goal is to make a large number of people aware of your cause or company, an ideal way to do that is with simple tokens such as key chains, lapel pins or magnets.

Advances in technology have made it possible to have very personalized promotional items prepared in quantities that are conducive to your needs. Just imagine having lapel pins made using a photograph that epitomizes your company or club. Key chains remain a popular promotional item. You can also customize these to meet your specific needs. When it comes to choosing a promotional item that is likely to be displayed in homes, offices and a variety of other places, magnets are a good option. Almost anyone can find a place for a magnet. Not only are magnets decorative, you’ll find that people like collecting them for their usefulness. They are great for holding reminder notes in the car or at someone’s desk and for attaching kid’s artwork or a “to do” list or grocery shopping list to refrigerator.

Times change. In order to keep current with ways to get your company’s name out there or draw attention to a cause you are promoting, you need to be open to new promotional items. One of the newest items available are custom designed or personalized lanyards. Pause for a moment and think of how often you see people using lanyards as a convenient way to carry their I.D., their keys and various membership or loyalty cards. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to advertise on an item that is so frequently used and seen by such a large number of people. Lanyards play into the whisper effect in that they aren’t flashy or flamboyant, yet curiosity will make people stop and stare at them just to see what’s written on them.

Creativity and an awareness of current trends can help you find ways to get your message out to others. Professionals who design promotional products can be a wonderful resource for ideas and provide guidance throughout the design process.


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