A Guide To Buying Sexy Gifts for Your Man

Ladies, are you celebrating a special occasion with your guy and need to find just the right gift? Sure, you’ll find plenty of gift guides out there filled with ideas, but most of them are a little impersonal. What if you’re looking for gifts to set that perfect bedroom mood? Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, his birthday, your anniversary, or just Tuesday, here are some tips for choosing the perfect gifts to get him, and you, ready for action.

Sexy Underwear

Maybe it won’t stay on long, but it would still be nice to give him great new underwear that you can enjoy taking off. Better still if it’s designed with ball-cradling comfort and moisture-wicking fabric. Oh, and it also gives his man parts a visual lift that will make you swoon when you check him out. Any man would be thrilled to open a package containing comfortable, breathable, and supportive men’s underwear with pouch. Choose a fun print. If his package is wrapped in a tuxedo, that gives you something to enjoy unwrapping too. Grab a few different pairs, and he’ll surely have fond memories of this night every time he wears a pair in the future.

As long as you’re buying new underwear, don’t forget to give him the gift of unwrapping you. Pick something delightfully silky and revealing and wear it all day to give you hours of looking forward to the fun you’ll have later. Share the anticipation by hinting to him about your new underwear early in the day.

Heated Massager

A little relaxation goes a long way toward getting in the mood. Choose a massage pillow that you can take turns with to help ease the stress of the day and let go of any thoughts of work and the rest of the outside world. For extra bonus points, follow up this automated back rub with an erotic personal massage using massage oil with one of his favorite scents. You can increase the sensual massage factor even more by burning a candle that melts into a warm, soothing massage oil throughout the evening. If playing at this edge of fantasy gets you turned on, there’s no end to the items you can buy to bring novelty and excitement into the bedroom, or wherever you happen to find yourselves.

Sexy Game

Find a great couples game with fun suggestions for activities to try together on your big night. Some might take you to the edge of your comfort zone and keep pushing. Others will start off slow and help you kindle the fires together. A set of sex dice is sure to help you spice things up. Roll the dice and follow the suggestions for what to do next, what position to do it in, and which body parts to bring into the act. A little spontaneity is great for keeping the spark going.

Food and Drink

You don’t want your energy to flag before you even get started, so kick off the evening with a meal of engine-revving foods. Yes, oysters are a classic aphrodisiac, but strawberries with chocolate are another sensual choice. Include some spicy chili powder in your meal. The capsaicin in the peppers will increase your heart rate and cause your body to release endorphins, the happy chemicals that can help put you in the mood for, well, anything. Be sure to grab some of your guy’s favorite drink. A top-notch whiskey or luxurious martini can help you both relax and let go of a few inhibitions.

Don’t settle for cuff links or beer mugs next time you’re shopping for your man, ladies. Focus instead on wrapping up the right goodies to give him a night you’ll both be unlikely to forget.


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