9 Secrets to Holding a Successful Yard Sale

Are you looking to declutter your home? Do you need to make some quick cash for your emergency fund or to help pay off your debts? Why not clean out your closets and hold a yard sale? Holding a yard sale isn’t all that complicated—but the task can seem a little daunting if you haven’t had one before. Here are some tips and secrets to ensuring that your yard sale is a huge success:

1) Choose the right date.

The best time to hold a yard sale is the weekend after payday. Schedule your yard sale around the first Saturday or Sunday of the month to ensure that your customers have money to spend!

2) Open early.

Most hard-core yard sale shoppers like to be there early in order to find the best deals. Be ready to open up by 6 or 7AM.

3) Hold a pre-sale for family and friends.

If you have your items priced and sorted ahead of time, then consider holding a pre-sale for your family and friends the night before your yard sale. The more you sell at your pre-sale, the less you’ll have to bring out the next day!

4) Advertise.

If you want people to visit your sale, you need to get the word out that you’re having a sale. Advertise your yard sale in community newsletters and bulletin boards, you can even list your sale for free at Craigslist. If you’re selling big-ticket items such as furniture, electronics or even your car, then you might also want to try advertising in your local paper.

5) Prepare the signage.

You’re trying to make some money and not spend it—so create simple signage for your sale with the help of old cardboard boxes and some markers. Hang them in your front yard and around busy intersections in your neighborhood. Include your address and the date of the sale.

6) Forget sentimental value.

When pricing your goods, remember that people aren’t going to pay more for something just because it has sentimental value to you. Price your things realistically according to what they’re actually worth.

7) Don’t forget the change.

One crucial thing to do on the day before the yard sale is to make a quick run to the bank (or grocery store) and get some change. Stock up on quarters, $1, $5 and $10 bills.

8 ) Get the family involved.

Holding a yard sale can be an almost impossible task if you’re doing it on your own. How are you going to manage handling the money, bagging the items, entertaining questions and keeping an eye on your things at the same time?  Ask your spouse or kids to help out.

9) Keep an eye on your cash.

As much as possible, keep your earnings in a container that allows you to keep the larger bills out of sight.  You may also want to take out the larger bills from your box and place them inside the house for safekeeping after the initial morning madness is over with just to be on the safe side.

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  1. EXCELLENT information!!!! I would say to have a BIG stash of $1’s and $5’s — don’t worry about a bunch of $10 bills. It’s been my experience that the first half of the morning most people hand you a $20 bill or a $10 bill, so you’ll really need those $1’s and $5’s to make change at the beginning.

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