9 Pair of Men’s or Women’s Sunglasses Only $9.99


Graveyard Mall has sunglasses on deal of the day today – you can get nine pair of women’s or nine pair of men’s sunglasses for only $9.99!  I have bought the women’s assortment before and I’ve also previously bought the boy’s and girl’s assortments and I’ve been very happy with all of the sunglasses that I’ve purchased.  I think it’s my husband’s turn today, he’s been hanging on to an old scratched up pair of Ray Bans and he loses them at least once a week – I’m going to buy him the men’s set today and just pull them out the next time he loses his fave pair.  The men’s assortment includes Espn, Panama Jack, Eagles Eyes, George and other brands, and the women’s assortment includes Cosmo, Revlon, Panama Jack, Apostrophy, Jaclyn Smith, Beauty Solutions and more.


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