8 Simple Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Are you looking for some ways to lower your water bill? If you are, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Here are some little tips and tricks for different areas of the house to keep your water bill from going sky high:

1) Repair leaky faucets.

Do you have any leaking faucets? A few drops may seem absolutely harmless, but leaving a leaky faucet unattended can waste a significant amount of water over time. Get that faucet fixed straight away!

2) Turn the faucet off when not in use.

This tip may seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people don’t realize that they leave the water running while they’re shaving or brushing their teeth. If you don’t need the water at that very moment, then turn it off first.

3) Take quick showers.

Try shortening your showers by a few minutes. Turn your 15-minute showers into 10-minute ones, or your 10-minute showers into 7-minute ones! Quicker showers will result in visible savings on your next water bill.

4) Avoid taking baths.

It takes gallons and gallons of water to fill up a bathtub. If you want to save water and significantly lower your water bill, then take a shower instead of a bath. If you absolutely must take a bath in order to properly unwind, then only fill about a quarter to one half of the tub.

5) Use the dishwasher.

Many people say that dishwashers use up a lot of water. What these people aren’t aware of is that you use even more water when washing your dishes by hand. If you’ve got enough dishes for a full load, then use your dishwasher!

6) Scrape it off.

There’s no need to rinse off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Just scrape the food off the plates and leave the rest to your dishwasher.

7) Install an under sink water heater.

If you regularly use hot water in the kitchen for both cleaning and cooking purposes, then consider installing an under sink water heater. You’ll get an instant supply of hot water as soon as the tap is turned on. The heating system will take an initial investment, but would be worth it in the long run.

8 ) Do full loads of laundry.

Similar to the dishwasher, only use the washing machine when you’ve got a full load to wash. You’ll save a lot of water and will save your machine from wear and tear!

Follow these eight practical tips around the house and you’ll be saving water, money and the environment!

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