8 Dollar Store Halloween Costume Must Haves

8 Dollar Store Halloween Costume Must Haves

You already know stores like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are great places for cheap deals and steals, but you should also know they can be a one stop shop for your Halloween costume needs! Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and other similar stores carry a variety of Halloween costume accessories, perfect for making your costumes complete. Check out these 8 Dollar Store Halloween costume must haves, so you can get the look you want for less. You will be amazed at what they have to offer!

1) Face paint palettes.

These face paint palettes sell for $4 and up at other stores, but you will find some basic face paint kits for just a buck. These are perfect for painting on animal, clown, or even vampire faces for less. You can also browse the make up section for bottles of orange and black polish and other make up items.

2) Ninja Turtle shells.

I have seen tutorials for how to make a turtle shell, but this year Dollar Tree is carrying ready to go shells. You can’t beat a shell for a buck, no paint or DIY required. Don’t forget the $1 nun-chucks while you are there.

3) Light up headbands.

Even if you don’t dress up on Halloween, these light up hand bands are whimsical and perfect for wearing while passing out candy or while attending the office work party. They have several varieties and they will glow for hours.

4) Hair paint.

You will find all sorts of spray in hair paint at the Dollar Tree as well. Colors will vary but they are perfect for adding some color to your hair without the expense of buying a wig or hair piece. Considering these sprays are $4 and up at most other stores, this is a deal.

5) Princess supplies.

Between the Halloween supplies and the everyday store selection, you will find tons of princess supplies. Choose from wands, crowns, fake nails, make up, feather boas and so much more to make your little princess look her best.

6) Pirate supplies.

You can find pirate costume supplies in the Halloween section, but also bandanas, knee socks, black eye pencils, and other perfect pirate supplies around other areas of the store. Grab everything you need for a great pirate costume for just a few bucks.

7) Colorful t-shirts.

Most Dollar Trees have a t-shirt section with shirts for just a buck. These are great for buying and adding some embellishments for homemade costumes. Choose from all sorts of colors and use fabric paint or felt to help complete the look you want to achieve.

8) Explorer gear.

Find stuffed animals, a tan or brown t-shirt, a magnifying glass or kid’s binoculars and other small items that can be used to complete an explorer’s costume. Kids will love looking like an explorer on a wild safari and you will love that you can create the look for so little.

Head to your local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or local dollar store to find all of the items you need to put an inexpensive Halloween costume together. Just walk in and be inspired!


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  1. Denise,

    It never occurred to me to visit a dollar store for Halloween costume shopping, we always just automatically visit a “Halloween specific” store. Although it might take a bit of elbow grease but will make a fun project to do with the kids. These are great ideas, thank you!


  2. Great list of ideas. We recently went to the Dollar Tree to get a few TMNT ideas (ninja chucks, bandanas and shells. We also grabbed a few swords, head piece and vests for our Pirate costumes. I hadn’t really thought about the face paints but may just stock up now. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. This is a great list of things to get at Dollar Tree to save money on costumes this year. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

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