7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

7 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

One of the most talked about aspects of a wedding is the flowers, and every bride growing up has no doubt dreamed of the perfect bouquet. If you are a bride on a budget but still want some beautiful blooms, there are plenty of ways to save a buck without resorting to picking your neighbors prize winning roses. Take a look below at 7 ways to save money on wedding flowers so you can get the look you want for less.

1) Choose a grocer florist

Does your local grocery store have a floral department? If they do, chances are you can get the flowers you want and need for less than the cost of standard florist. A grocery store may be able to buy their stock with a lower overhead, and the savings get passed on to you. Compare prices and see if a grocer florist makes a difference.

2) Choose flowers in season

Knowing which flowers are in season during the month of your wedding can save you big. For example, exotic and warm weather varieties will cost more in the winter months since they will need to get shipped in. Consider the month you are getting married (for example spring varieties such as tulips will always cost less during the spring months when they are in bloom) and ask which flowers are in season so you can choose from those and enjoy lower costs.

3) Consider making your own

Stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s carry high end and beautiful looking faux flowers. You can get these flowers for as low as $1 a stem, and craft your own hand tied bouquets in no time and with even the smallest budget. You Tube has a variety of tutorials you can watch if you need a little guidance, in store professionals can help you find what you need or you could buy an illustrated book on how to make your own wedding flower arrangements.

4) Buy premade bouquets

As mentioned above, Hobby Lobby carries many beautiful faux flower arrangements and even premade bouquets, boutonnieres, and more. Take advantage of 50% off sale prices or use your 40% off coupon (found online via their website) and you can get items for as low as a few dollars. You can always buy these items to use as a base and then glam them up to your liking.

5) Consider flower free arrangements

If you want fresh greenery at your wedding but want to save a little cash, consider a flower free arrangement. There are so many beautiful greeneries and fillers that cost less and can be made beautiful with ribbon and embellishments. Consider fern, ivy, and other greenery to create beautiful arrangements.

6) Choose non-floral options for bridal party

If you are on a tight budget, get a bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom, then use non floral options for the bridal party. Instead of a bouquet they could carry a candle or even just a single bloom. This will draw attention to the bride’s bouquet while providing a less expensive option for the rest of the wedding party.

7) Go straight to a wholesaler

Skip the middle man and find a floral wholesaler. This way you can order the flowers you need in bulk and arrange them yourself. You can make simple hand tied bouquets and boutonnieres without much hassle. Going to a wholesaler can save you quite a bit, and you may even be able to have the flowers delivered directly to your home.

It is possible to get the beautiful blooms you are after for your wedding without going overboard on your budget. Give these tips for saving money on wedding flowers a try and see if they don’t make a difference in your wedding planning!


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  1. You have some nice suggestions for saving money on your bouquet. Choosing flowers that are in season and buying from a grocer were especially smart tips.

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