7 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

There are many ways to stretch your budget a little further. One way to do this is by making small changes in the way you shop for groceries.

Yes, comparison shopping and clipping coupons are effective methods of saving money—but here are some other things you can do to make your trip to the grocery a success:

1. Write down a grocery list and stick to it.

Create a grocery list containing everything you need for the week and bring this list with you to the store. Do your absolute best to buy only the things written down on your list so you won’t be tempted to spend on unnecessary items.

2. Eat before shopping.

Yes, I know how silly it sounds – but grocery shopping on a full stomach can help save you a lot of money. You are more likely to make impulse purchases when you’re hungry.

3. Shop alone.

If possible, find a day and time when you can do your grocery shopping without your children. Without your kids, there will be no rushing and hurrying to get out of the store. You’ll be able to concentrate on finding great deals instead of dealing with your children’s misbehavior and sudden cravings.

4. Look around.

Grocery stores often put more expensive items at eye level so they are easier for you to see and want. Be sure to look around and compare your options. You might find better deals on the lowest and highest shelves.

5. Stockpile with caution.

When an item is on sale, you tend to purchase more than you actually need. There’s no problem with stockpiling on items like toilet tissue and shampoo, which are items you use on a daily basis. However, be extra careful when purchasing perishable items. Food items sold at bargain prices often mean that their expiration dates are nearing. Always check an item’s expiration date before buying.

6. Avoid the temptation of the checkout stand.

As you’re lining up at the cash register, be wary of purchasing anything from the checkout stand. The checkout stand is full of enticing little items like candy, batteries, magazines, and other items that you might want to purchase at the very last minute. It might take some willpower, but you’ll likely be glad you didn’t buy that chocolate bar later.

7. Keep an eye on the scanner.

Everyone makes mistakes. It is very possible that you could be charged full price for an item that is actually on sale, or an item may accidentally be scanned twice. Keep an eye on the scanner to make sure that you are being charged correctly. If you see a pricing error, immediately bring it to your cashier’s attention.

A little effort can go a long way. The next time you head to the grocery store, follow these simple tips and watch your savings add up!

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  1. I always purchase RIGHT near the checkout stand. That is the worst- must keep my eyes shut from now on LOL

  2. I certainly agree on never shopping on an empty stomach! Even things you don’t particularly care for look really enticing! Shopping on a full stomach has cut MY grocery bill a lot!

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