7 Tips to Finding Great Deals at Yard Sales

7 Tips to Finding Great Deals at Yard SalesOne man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s easy to get decent deals at yard sales—but getting great deals at yard sales can take a little extra work. Here are some tips for finding your own treasures:

1) Know where to look.

It may seem like a pretentious tip, but opt to check out the sales in more affluent neighborhoods. Sellers are likely holding yard sales to get rid of items that they no longer use such as toys and clothes. Goods at these yard sales are often of high quality and are also in very good condition.

2) Prioritize moving out sales.

If you’re choosing between a moving out sale and a regular yard sale, definitely visit the former first. Sellers who are moving out of their homes are more likely to be getting rid of goods that are fairly new or are too big (or small) for their next home.

3) Keep a list (and measuring tape) handy.

Keep a list handy of things you need or want that you’d like to get at a good price, such as kitchen tools and gardening equipment. For bigger items such as couches or tables, take note of how much space is available in your home for these pieces. It helps to carry around a measuring tape in your car or bag in case you need to assess an item’s size at a moment’s notice.

4) Test your items.

If you’re on the lookout for electronic devices, it’s best to carry an assortment of batteries with you in case you want to test a gadget to make sure that it works. The same goes for other items. Always check for chips or cracks that may not be visible at first glance.

5) Ask.

Sometimes, sellers aren’t able to set out everything that they’d like to sell. Ask the seller if they’d consider selling a particular item you are looking for, such as table, bicycle or gaming console. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

6) Ask for a bulk discount.

If you’re purchasing a lot of items, ask the seller if you can have a bulk discount. Sellers are likely to give you a better deal on items like kitchenware and books if you are clearing out all their items at once.

7) Time your shopping.

Always take into consideration the time of day you decide to visit a yard sale. If you’re looking for big-ticket items such as furniture and television sets, the best time to go is early morning, as soon as the sale starts. Keep in mind that the seller may not settle for a very low price, as other buyers will likely make a better offer later on.

If, however, you aren’t looking for anything specific, show up between lunchtime and closing time to browse through the clothes, CDs and knickknacks that are likely being sold at a more reduced price. Sellers are tired and more apt to bargain, as they’d rather get rid of their items than pack them up and put them away.

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