7 Safety Tips To Follow When Using Taxi Apps

7 Safety Tips To Follow When Using Taxi Apps

You may have heard about taxi apps such as Uber, where with a simple click of a button you can have an affordable ride show up at your door. These taxi apps seem to be taking over cities both big and small, as people are always looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to travel. The downside of this convenience is, there have been reports of assault and other crimes suffered by people who have used these apps. Instead of a quick and easy ride, they have found themselves at the center of a nightmare. So how can you prevent this from happening? Luckily, there are ways you can use these taxi apps and still be safe. Take a look below at 7 safety tips to use when using taxi apps so you can make the experience an enjoyable one.

1) Use only verified app store apps

Don’t just do a Google search for transportation apps or companies. Use only apps found in the App Store. When you use apps from the app store you can see how many times it has been downloaded, read reviews, and even leave review of your own. This information can all come in handy when making a decision!

2) Don’t use these apps alone

It is always wise to travel with a partner if you don’t know the person picking you up. There is always safety in numbers and you are less likely to encounter an uncomfortable experience if there is a second person traveling with you. If you have to travel alone, see the suggestions in tip #3 to make it a safer experience.

3) Screen shot your order

Should you need to travel alone, or even if you are traveling with a friend, screen shot your order so you can see the name of your driver, car ID number, and other identifying information. Be sure to send the screenshot to a friend so in case of an emergency, they have details on the car that picked you up. If you wish, you can also photograph the license plate prior to entering the car.

4) Listen to your instincts

If your ride arrives and you do not feel comfortable, by all means do NOT get in the car. You are not obligated to pay for the ride f you decline. You can simply state a change of plans. If during your car ride you become uncomfortable, call a friend or family member and stay on the phone with them until you reach your location. Remember that you are also entitled to leave the car at anytime, so if you would rather stop the ride and get out, don’t be afraid to say so.

5) Provide feedback

Be sure to leave feedback for your driver so others can benefit from it. You should report feedback while it is recent and fresh in your head. If you have negative feedback you should be specific so the issue can be addressed and not occur again. If you have an excellent experience, it is really important that you share that feedback as well so the good drivers can get chosen more often and provide that same service to others.

6) Report any issues immediately

Should you have any concerns about your ride, you should report them through the app immediately. Do not wait. If you feel as though something illegal has happened, you should contact the police before you make a report with the app. Remember that you have the right to enjoy a safe ride. If you don’t experience that, speak with the right people.

7) Patronize your favorites

Should you find a driver you really like, don’t hesitate to recommend that person to others, leave amazing feedback, and use them in the future. You want to patronize your favorites and allow them to bring their energy to the job!

When you use a taxi app, you want a great ride at a great price. But you also have the right to a safe ride with a courteous driver. Be sure to follow these tips so you can keep yourself safe and ensure that your ride is a pleasant one.


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